суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Lifehacker: One year ago, guest writer Jason Thomas explained ... [Flashback]

One year ago, guest writer Jason Thomas explained how he gets
things done with GTDTiddlyWiki.

Lifehacker: Print Your Own Halloween Mask [Friday Fun]

Forget a store-bought mask for Halloween: Put that photo
printer to good use and make a custom mask of your dog, your
boss or your favorite celebrity. Microsoft offers instructions
on how to print...

Lifehacker: Add Custom Right-Click Options With Nautilus-actions [Featured Linux Download]

Linux only: Automate frequent tasks and avoid unnecessary
program hunting with Nautilus-actions, a free extension that
adds file-specific options to the right-click menu. Those with
a little script...

DMMissed: Ron Paul is "Flush With New Millions"

A (surprisingly positive) New York Times article about Ron
Paul, his fundraising, and the possibility of success in New

DMMissed: Upgrade Windows XP to Vista for free

Chris Pirillo shows us how to upgrade any version of Windows XP
to Vista for the great price of free! The thing that is great
about this is that Vista seems more stable when it is installed
this way, why? I dunno but it is just awesome watch the video!

Techcrunch: Digg Images On The Way

In a conversation with Digg founder Kevin Rose tonight at The
Lobby conference in Hawaii, he mentioned that Digg would be
adding an Images category on top of the existing News, Video
and Podcasts. This was originally mentioned in a Digg blog post
back in August - Rose says the feature will launch by end [...]

Reddit: Rumsfeld charged with torture during trip to France - under French law, authorities must open an investigation when an alleged torturer is in its territory